This is a personal website. I made it to learn HTML/CSS and to one day host any content I might produce (but isn't that everyone's goal here?)

what is this?

a little space on the internet to host all my content related to Aldaraia, a worldbuilding and writing project, my full time hobby. It formally began in December 2017, precisely the 8th of that month when I sat down one evening and committed myself to 'seriously' writing something, to pulling together the random ideas and concepts (some of which had been floating around since 2013) that sounded good in my head into a properly structured story. It's been a case of striking a balance and having the self discipline to focus between plotting and necessary worldbuilding without getting bogged down by details.

who am I?

Call me Lucidus. I exist in other places online under different names, with bits and pieces I've yet to link here. I like the sea breeze, birdlife, good stories, and great humour. I'm always on the lookout for more reading material (which can be things besides books, you know) and I will never stop trying to learn things - knowledge opens doors. My latest budding interest is cooking since it's my day job, I don't know much about the magic behind the flavours, but the work is fun and almost meditative; I've become quite handy with a knife! Pretty much all of my interests require a steady hand and a keen mind so I like to think those are my strong points.

My personal style is 'how can I wear a jabot in public without being asked if I'm a vampire?'